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Saturday, February 28, 2009

tad 2009 highlights

tad 2009 is over now, here are some of my highlights:

self/rose self-caricature scifi me fallout3 me blue duct tape rose
drawings tomato headphones clown cone eyeglasses
felt purple skunk giant sewer rat miffy card holder
mr. key mr. car mr. house vday card
yarn knit cap pink elephant knit bomb crochet bomb
photos 5-yr clock lollipop pink Jesus dudson's modern tales, naal
IMG_2978.CR2 IMG_2984.CR2 IMG_2993.CR2 IMG_3031.CR2

for more images/details, please see my tad posts, my blog, or my flickr. i hope to keep making things and will try to post to itb semi-regularly too...