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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Progress Report

After a couple hours of tedious work, the toy box finally looks like something I would make and be happy to send out into the world.

Box in Progress

Box in Progress

The words are selections cut from a copy of Alice in Wonderland. I knew I wanted to add text from a classic children's story along the edges of my toy box, and Alice's fantastic story seemed like a perfect choice for my box about toys and play.

Box in Progress

I spiced up the dull base of the box with some of my favorite instructions from childhood, "cut along the dotted line." Unsurprisingly, I loved to cut stuff up as a kid. I also did some coloring in on the bingo card (I still doodle by coloring in words and numbers on anything). I added some stars glitter glue too. Toy box still needs cleaning and touch-ups and probably some more work on the outside. Don't forget to visit my blog and post a comment for the 101st post if you want to be entered in my toy box giveaway.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

isak 2

The same model as the last sculpture, but a different pose. I think his head's too big :P


I've been on a scarf kick lately. It started with these two birthday scarves, one for my neighbor and one for Greg's grandfather. The cool thing about the second photo is the spinning wheel in the background. That belonged Greg's aunt's great-grandmother, who brought it over from Norway.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Turn Off the TV

Celebration of Playtime

When I was a kid I did not watch much television. I had my few programs, but I never had to be encouraged to "go play outside" or "turn off the tv." This is sort of amazing. As a thirty year old, I constantly have to be reminded to "go play outside" or "turn off the tv." I watch sooooo much television - not all crappy television, but lots of it is pure candy. (That is why I have made no appearances here on ITB.) So what better way to break the tv cycle then work on a tribute to some of my favorite childhood toys. I got the idea a few weeks ago, when I unearthed from my grandmother's beach house dresser, my jacks. I loved to play jacks, something you cannot play growing up in an apartment that is not on the first floor. I could play them at the beach house though. And play jacks, I did. But the idea, like drilling sea shells, and making books for wee-one, fell to the wayside as I handled summer plan logistics and watched Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Yesterday, I resolved to spend a good chunk of today working on my toy tribute, and I followed through. I am stepping away from it for the afternoon - it is still very much a work in progress. I have many more toys to fill the box AND unlike past cigar box projects, leaving any cigar box details seems wholly inappropriate, so I will be doing a lot of work to the outside of the box. That said, I thought that this project should find it's way in the world, so I am going to give it away. I just posted my 96th post on my blog, Lady Lulu's Braindump Hut and Craftarium. Comment on my 101st post and I will enter your name in a drawing and I will send this little box your way if I pull your name from my hat. I think this box will be charming for an adult or kid's room, don't you?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Needle holder

Needle holder
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With a little hand holding, I finally managed to get my sewing machine up and running. It wasn't as difficult and intimidating as it looked. After practicing on some dish rags, I decided that my first project would be to make a hanging needle holder to organize my knitting and crochet needles. I didn't follow any particular pattern, just winged it. I backed the top fabric with canvas to give it a little support. I even played around with some of the "fancy" stitches.