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Sunday, November 29, 2009

button down shirt to mini dress

IMG_3691.CR2 IMG_3690.CR2

i took one of j's large, oversized shirts and made it into a mini dress. now that i look at it in the photos, it looks more like i'm wearing a large shirt than a dress. oh well. anyway, to make it, i cut a lot out of the body of the shirt on either side and reattached the sleeves, making them into puff sleeves (gathered before i resewed them on). the final product looks really simple, but i did try variations that i didn't like (elastic at the waist---made it look puffy and unflattering; a back panel to run a belt through along the back---didn't gather smoothly enough) to try to get it more fitted looking (but not too fitted). in the end, i just took in the sides even more and added 2 darts in the back. i plan to wear it with leggings and boots (as pictured) or over jeans, and i like it b/c it's cozy and comfy. i'm always on the lookout for mini dresses, long tops/tunics that i can wear over yoga clothes or just to wear out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

small blue quilt

I finally finished one of many partially completed sewing projects. It is a small quilted wall-hanging made using the method shown in this great tutorial. It was easy and quick to make the small strip log-cabin-style blocks with this method. The challenge was trying to get them to fit together in rows that were aesthetically pleasing, and then the rather laborious job of quilting each block. This was a fun way to use up a few colorful scraps, and I tried to challenge myself by using only scraps and not cutting into any large pieces. If I make another one of these quilts, I'd like to try a simpler, more freeform type of quilting (all-over wavy lines or stipple quilting) instead of the straight line quilting that I used. By the way, the size of the finished mini-quilt is about 15 x 20 inches.