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Sunday, February 28, 2010

tad 2010 highlights

here are my tad highlights from this year in the form of a collage, as well as a photo triptypch with 3 of my favorite photos from the month:

i concentrated mainly on felt plushes and sculpey figurines, along with some photography and other sewing projects. i didn't make as many clothing/clothing reconstructions as i normally do, nor did i do any knitting, crochet, or drawing, but it's ok---hopefully, i'll have a chance to do some of those things in the coming year. for more details/photos, see my tad, blog or flickr.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Le Sorbier sous la neige

Le Sorbier
Originally uploaded by whitecoquelicot
Les Sorbiers, also known as the rowan trees in English, were abundantly decorating our alpine neighborhood with their unusually bright red berries this season. Here, I tried to paint the tree covered with a veil of snow, from a low vantage point. I find the snow a difficult subject in general, and it turned out to be tricky to convey its form especially against the pale background. It definitely needs more experimenting with the palette.

Geneva, CH
February 2010