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Monday, May 25, 2009

photowhispers: 12.08-05.09

here are the results of the photowhisper chain that we did. each person had a week to complete a photo and pass theirs along to the next person. due to unforeseen circumstances, the project took much longer than we anticipated, but better late than never, right? mouse over each photo for photographer and caption.

by joanna: I was thinking of the playful horse who seemed to be enjoying the solitude.  He looked as if telling me "what are ya looking at?" and didn't wanted to be bothered. by cignoh: I saw isolation in Joanna's photo. I wanted to make a literal representation using a horse keychain that has its innards exposed and some fake snow that my husband had just bought. I tried to convey the mood of the original---a winter day with a stark background and cool diffuse lighting. Because of limitations with the setup, I had to focus in closer to the horse, but I kind of liked that effect that we are focusing on it. I also liked the fact that he is exposed. by robinde: I liked how Cindy used objects that were not real (the horse and the snowy backdrop) and imbued them with a magical realism in her photo. I tried to create a similarly unreal scene with a small toy submarine in my kitchen sink. I had difficulty photographing the water, so I used Photoshop to alter the look of the water and make it look somewhat icy. by sukogirl: From Robin's photo, I guessed the theme to be taking a miniature object and photographing it in such a way that the object seems life-size. I wanted to photograph the church (x-mas ornament) so that it looked like it was built on the edge of a cliff. by amy.gunson: Atsuko's picture made me think of the contrast of religion and daily life with his girl rushing by the small church. Seeing the garbage and parking sign out front of the jewish synagogue, gave me the same feelings about fitting religion with daily life. by willo: freedom by lanaconqueso: I liked that it had a sense of isolation to it, and he looked very free. So that's sort of what I was trying to do with my photo. Even though there were a lot of other people around it was wide enough of a space that I could frame it and make it look like Greg was the only one there.