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Saturday, June 19, 2010

'die feen' fairy costumes

i have been working as an assistant costume designer for an opera production of wagner's die feen (the fairies). the lead costumer hand-dyed a bunch of dresses, and i designed and sewed overlays for them. pictured below are the dresses in progress, and then the results on opening night:

fairy_dresses_wip_03ada and her fairies

i also helped to make the flower wreaths for their hair. for more pics of the production, see my flickr set.


Joanna said...

They look beautiful! That's fantastic that you got involved with an on-stage production. It must have been a great experience.

robinde said...

i really like the rainbow colors of the costumes and the silky-looking fabric that you used for the dress overlays! how was it to sew with that type of fabric?

how did you get involved with this group? it sounds like a lot of fun. are you doing costume design for other productions in the future?